The Stairway Trailhead North Orem - Orem, Utah Running Trails - Bonneville Shoreline Trail Dry Canyon, The Stairway to Provo Canyon, and the Patriarch
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Running Trails from the North Orem Trailhead
The North Orem Trailhead offers bathrooms and a drinking fountain that are open most of the year, and there is a huge amount of trails that can be accessed. Take the first right after the cemetary while driving up 800 East (or your first left before the cemetary coming from 1600 North) and drive up the long asphault hill (Cascade Drive) to the trailhead.
 1. The Stairway (BST North Orem - Connects to Hall of Oaks, Great Western, Little Baldy, and the Prayer Circle)   The Stairway climbs a mile to the mouth of Provo Canyon with intermittent steep climbs and flat spots as the name suggests & continues flat as the Grizzly Road nearly all the way to Bridal Veil Falls. For the Hall of Oaks, Little Baldy, etc. take the trail on the left at the candy cane shaped pole just before the last climb or stair of the stairway (about 100 meters from the top).
 2. Bonneville Shoreline North Orem Fast, rolling trail through trees and to overlooks that connects to the Dry Canyon Trailhead. Excellent trail for all levels.
 3. Horse Trail A steep climb that connects up to trail 51 to go to either Dry Canyon or Little Baldy.
 4. The Patriarch Not for the faint of heart! - But good if you want to cut straight UP into the heart of the mountains.
Google Earth Files (right click and save to computer) Timp Shadow Loop (Start: Stairway Trailhead - Up the Stairway (BST) to the candy cane pipe and left on the Rockpile Trail past the Rockpile. Left on the Great Western Trail up Trail 51 on the front side of Little Baldy all the way down in to Dry Canyon. At the bottom of Dry Canyon take a left on the BST back to start. 7.5 Miles)

Horse Trail-Great Western Loop (Start: Stairway Trailhead - Up the Horse Trail, right on short connection, left on Little Baldy Ridge Trail, then right at the fork to drop down instead of continuing up the ridge. Continue down the meadows trail until you reach the meadows close to the rockpile. Continue to the rockpile and go straight (East) on the Great Western Trail until you reach the Grizzly Road (BST). Take a right on the Grizzly Road for a couple miles and continue down the Stairway back to start - 7 miles)
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